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SPS Physics Wiki

Cornell SPS manages a wiki for Physics students, complete with information about courses, research, and advice for majors. It is entirely run and maintained by students. To contribute to the wiki, fill out this form.

SPS Discord

Students are welcomed to join Cornell SPS discord server for getting help and past resources on the physics courses they are taking. 

Getting Involved in Research

This is a recording of the "Getting Involved in Research" event on February 3, 2022, where undergraduate upperclassmen involved with various subfields of physics shared their research experience with underclassmen. 

Tutorials on Mathematica, Latex, and Python

Cornell SPS holds tutorials on Mathematica, LaTEX, or Python every year. In the meantime, Overleaf has an excellent tutorial for getting started with Latex. If you forget the keyword for a symbol in Latex, try using Detexify. Alternatively, check out this tutorial to learn the fundamentals of Python quickly. 

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